Understanding Zenitco Basis direct attachment system

Understanding Zenitco Basis direct attachment system

Recently Zenitco introduced new proprietary direct attachment system called Basis. It’s used on U and L series handguards for AK and Joker handguard series for AR-15. This system allows to mount rails or compatible accessories directly on handguard. Let’s take a closer look on mounting options and technical details.

Here is how Basis rail looks like (B-10L handguard):

Note horizontal grooves on the rail. They prevent installed Picatinny rails from rotating.

Basis rail offers two basic types of mounting. Type-1 uses screw and steel clamp. Here is type-1 B-2L rail:

Type-1 rail uses hole slots of Basis rail. Steel clamps also use vertical slots from inside the rail. Here is how it looks like, both from inside and outside:

You also can use gas tube cover with you handguard and still be able to add rail or accessory. Just remove spacer from one of gas tube cover mounting points and use it to mount rail. Only one steel clamp will be needed. Here are pictures:

Type-1 is a very secure way of mounting, but it has cons. Main issue is that clamps are small and it’s absolutely not comfortable to put it inside the handguard when it’s already installed on a firearm. That’s why we have type-2 mounting. It uses cam clamps. Just like M-lok, but better. Here is B-2N type-2 rail:

All you need is just put it in vertical Basis slots and rotate screws. Clamps will rotate inside of the rail and secure it in place.

As you can see it’s pretty much like M-Lok, but more secure. Vertical slots guarantee rail or accessory from shifting even if it’s hit hard. You can also combine types of mounting, so you can put your rail in any place.

If some space on Basis rail is not used, it can be covered with NPN-2 rubber cover, providing more comfortable grip.

Zenitco also produces accessories for Basis rail: RL-1 handstop, A-1L sling swivel, more are coming soon.

10 thoughts on “Understanding Zenitco Basis direct attachment system

  1. Can MLOK light mounts and grips work with this system?

    1. No, it’s proprietary.

  2. I have an AK105 with 12.5” barrel. Can I use the B-30U, B-31N, and B-33 rails instead of the Sport 1 kit? What is the difference in the B-31L in the Sport 1 kit and the B-31N? Is the B-30U just a one piece version instead of having both the B-10L and DL-1 like in the Sport 1 kit?

    1. Yes you can. Sport-1 has no integrated rails and is two piece. B-30U is a bit shorter, has one rail and is one piece.

  3. A very basic question: I want to buy an WBP AK, which parts will fit that rifle and which part won’t?
    Thank you!

    1. All our standard AK parts will fit.

  4. MLOK on BASIC doesn’t fit but could a BASIS grip be mounted on an MLOK hand guard ?

    1. Just checked, it won’t because Mlok lacks centering grooves, that Basis has. Also, Basis cam clamp is too short to fit Mlok slot.

  5. Would this setup work with mounting a rail on an RPK-16?

    1. Haven’t tried yet. If RPK-16 will be able to accept standard RPK furniture, then B-20 series will fit.

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