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Russian micro red dots comparison

Russian micro red dots comparison

Most major Russian optics manufacturers have micro red dots similar to Aimpoint Micro series. And today we’ll make a brief comparison with specs and reticle pictures. Here is what we’ll compare.

NameDot sizeWeightCo-witness on Ultimak or Zenitco B-19NOperating time on max powerNVG modePrice
VOMZ Pilad 1x20 Avis2 MOA6,9 oz (196g)No70 hoursNo112 usd
NPZ PKU-2 PRO gen.44 MOA4,9 oz (140g)Yes, lower third50 hoursNo213 usd
Dedal DK-104 MOA5,2 oz (150g)No50 hoursYes240 usd
BelOMO RS-M2 MOA6.1 oz (175g)No100 hoursYes263 usd

So, the main purpose of red dot is actually projecting the dot. Here are pictures of the dot made to be exactly the same as your eye sees it. All pictures were made using DSLR manual mode with the same exposition settings, from the same distance using a tripod. All red dots are at max power.

You can notice glow around the dot of PKU-2. This happens only on max (step 12) power. If you set 9 or 10 it’ll go away.

Now here is how they look like mounted on Zenitco B-31N, the same profile as Ultimak gas tube (except for RS-M, it’s too big and can’t fit).

PKU-2 gives co-witness in lower third. DK-10 doesn’t, irons are blocked by the emitter inside the scope. Avis is too high.

We hope this brief info will help you to make a decision what Russian micro red dot to get.

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