Russian army military gear repair kit


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Busted your Russian gear? It’s hard, but possible. This is for 6sh112 repair kit, it can be used to repair minor defects of Russian field gear.

  • One big black buckle for 4,9 cm (1,5 inches) strap, buckles’ size is 8,5x6cm, 3,1×2,4 inches;
  • One small black buckle for 2,5 cm (0,7 inches) strap, size 3×5 cms (1,2×2 inches)
  • Two black slides (one 2-bar slide, one 3-bar slide) for 2,5 cm (0,7 inches) strap
  • A piece of thick EMR fabric about 20×7 cms (7,8×2,8 inches),
  • A piece of strap, about 30×2,5 cms (11,8×0,7 inches),
  • Skein of 100% cotton thread, about 130 cms (50 inches)

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