• Russian SPOSN Smersh AK vest

SPOSN Russian Smersh AK vest set

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Classic legendary SPOSN Smersh vest. Classic olive color. Genuine and original. It includes:

  • Base vest
  • Medkit pouch
  • 2 AK mags (12 mags total), 4 flare and 4 hand grenade pouches
  • Buttpack

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This is for Russian legendary Smersh spetsnaz gear set. Classic olive color. It includes: base vest, medkit pouch, 2 AK mags (12 mags total), 4 flare and 4 hand grenade pouches, buttpack. This system is NOT MOLLE compatible. Made by SPOSN, genuine and original. This set is prone position friendly. Waist belt is adjustable, so your waist will take most load (instead of shoulders). This one is great for airsoft, milsim. And we offer fair price for it. The system base can accept other SPOSN made compatible pouches. The systems are disassembled from the factory, but we’ll assemble them for you before shipping.

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