ZenitCo 2PS+Laser Klesh tactical LED flashlight red laser

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Superior quality Russian made ZenitCo 2PS Klesh tactical light with red laser. Extremely durable, aluminum body. Comes with pouch and manual. Has strobe mode.  Comes with pouch, manual, adjustment screwdrivers and KV-1P remote switch. Has strobe mode. Compatible with ZenitCo remote switches (KV-1P switch is included). Each light has unique serial number.  Laser is 4 mWt power, beam range is 400 meters. Beam can be adjusted in four directions. Module can work with only laser, only light or light and laser together. Issued in Russian SF.

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Russian ZenitCo made tactical compact LED flashlight with red laser designator. Rail mounted. Can be used with ZenitCo pressure switches. Very bright, has strobe mode.

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