ZenitCo Perst-2 dual visible/IR tactical green+ laser designator with IR illuminator and flashlight


Superior quality Russian made ZenitCo Perst-2 dual visible green+ and IR tactical laser designator with IR illuminator and flashlight. CNC machined aluminum body. This is actually the most powerful laser combo for small arms currently existing. The unit features digital power dimming. IR laser is slaved to visible one. The set includes Perst-2 unit, aluminum case, spare 18650 battery, ac charger, car charger and two remote switches with digital power adjustment.

    • Visible green laser (18 mW).
    • IR laser (850 nm, 20 mW, three low power modes are eye safe, less then 0,7 mW).
    • IR laser illuminator (850 nm, 1200 mW) with adjustable focus.
    • Flashlight (740 lm).
    • Power – single 18650 (included).
    • Operating time – guaranteed 1 hour on max power light+laser or IR illuminator+IR laser
    • WON’T FIT ON B-19N RAIL!
    • One year full warranty. Lifetime limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
    • Warning: high power laser can be dangerous. Aviod exposure to beam. Unit is intended for aiming purposes only. Never use as a pointer. 
    • Click HERE to see all ZenitCo lasers and lights comparison chart

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Genuine Zenitco made Perst-2 laser combo. This is truly the father of all lasers, the most powerfull unit, outperforming all Western or Russian made analogs.

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