ZenitCo Perst-4M universal dual green+ visible/IR tactical laser designator

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Newest Zenitco product – Perst-4M. This is unique full power dual laser, that can be used both on handguns and rifles. User need to install dedicated back part (both are included). Weight is only 5.6 oz!

  • Visible green+ powered up laser (direct green, 0,56 mW min, 40 mW max).
  • IR laser (850 nm, 0,015 mW min, 20 mW max, low power modes are eye safe, less then 0,7 mW).
  • Power – double CR123 (included).
  • Size: 101x38x37 mm (4×1.5×1.5″).
  • Weight: 5.6 oz (160g).
  • New generation threadless plug.
  • Remote switch is included.
  • Warning: high power laser can be dangerous. Avoid exposure to beam. Unit is intended for aiming purposes only. Never use as a pointer. 
  • One year full warranty. Lifetime limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Click HERE to see all ZenitCo lasers and lights comparison chart


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Superior quality Russian made ZenitCo Perst-4M dual green+ visible and IR tactical laser designator. CNC machined aluminum body. Both lasers have single adjustment screws, so you can zero IR laser without using your NVGs. Both beams have 2 hz strobe mode. The module also has on/off indicator. Laser is Picatinny rail mounted.

  • Visible green powered up laser (40 mW).
  • IR laser (850 nm), 20 mW.
  • Power – double CR123 (included).
  • Size: 101x38x37 mm (4×1.5×1.5″).
  • Weight: 160 g (5.6 oz).
  • New threadless plug.
  • Both for handguns and rifles.


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