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Axion Kobra EKP-8-18 red dot sight

Legendary genuine Russian made Kobra red dot with side mount. Mounts on any AK. Kobra has 4 different reticles.

  • FOW – unlimited
  • Dot size – 1.8 MOA
  • Weight – 410 g
  • Size – 144x66x144
  • Power – 2325 (included)
  • Operating time (dot, medium brightness) – 70 hours


Genuine and original Russian Axion made Kobra EKP-8-18 red dot sight. Latest generation of legendary Kobra red dots. This system presents an unobstructed field of view, in 1x power which allows for extremely comfortable, both eyes open shooting. It has elevation and windage adjustments, ballistic correction limits from 100-700m, is lightweight, shockproof, has a sealed body, and is for use in severe conditions. The 16-level digital brightness adjustment is an added plus. It has been proven that the Kobra tremendously improves aiming effectiveness, especially at nighttime, resulting in more target hits. The sight is battle tested, used in Russian LE units.
Kobra features 4 different reticles. 
Mounts on standard picatinny rail on any firearm.
You’ll get:
  • Red dot sight
  • Carrying pouch
  • Manual
  • Cleaning wipe
  • Adjustment screw
  • FOW – unlimited
  • Dot size – 1.8 MOA
  • Weight – 380 g
  • Size – 154x46x85
  • Power – CR2325 (not included)
  • Operating time (dot, medium brightness) – 70 hours


Additional information

Weight 0.6 g


4 reviews for Axion Kobra EKP-8-18 red dot sight

  1. Bob

    Nice you gotta rezero every time you change the battery.

  2. Azri Shawal (verified owner)

    Built like a tank, very good usability and quality, classic Eastern block optic, could not ask for more, prompt shipping by Ivan’s team, this is my 1st purchase, and I must say I am not disappointed, recommended!

  3. buzzok2 (verified owner)

    Kobra that I can put on the rail is a really cool product.

  4. Nick (verified owner)

    Start off by say this is a good optic, but I would never recommend it to someone, out of the 4 reticles one of them I just find 1 useless and that’s the stand alone chevron which should never be the main reticle if you wish to use the other 3 the chevron seems to be made for distant shooting or close range as the chevron also appears on another one of the reticles being the reticle with a dot and the chevron below it and the dot lines up with the dot and the chevron lines up with where the chevron is, so this optic could really be just 3 reticles, If axion were to redesign this optic they should really put a transverse mount cr123 with a side opening for the battery or just change the mount to a QD mount

    Pro: It’s day light bright, 3 different functional reticle’s, battle proven

    Cons: The worst thing about it is it’s battery life 70 is horrible, nature of the battery life being short means frequent removal of the optic because of the location of the battery compartment being on the bottom of the optic where it is unreachable while mounted, the mount be to screws which seem to be metal but the parts that you use the tool with to tighten seem plastic and warp easy when tightening down the optic, the batteries are not common in store have to order them online

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