NPZ PK-1 Obzor (1P63 Zapev) AK combat scope

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Legendary NPZ PK-01 Obzor AK combat scope. It features dual solar/tritium powered green reticle. This is really Doomsday scope. All scopes are brand new with working tritium. Indestructible mislpec construction.

  • No battery required, no electronic components
  • Tritium life is 10 years
  • Dual day/night reticles
  • Built in grey filter for high contrast conditions
  • Side mounted on AK
  • Milspec quality, made by NPZ
  • 7.62×54 full auto recoil rated
  • Please note, adjustment knobs move reticle, not the POI

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2 reviews for NPZ PK-1 Obzor (1P63 Zapev) AK combat scope

  1. Nate (verified owner)

    Fantastic optic. There’s nothing quite like it in the US that changes reticles on the fly. Watch the InRangeTV review on it:

  2. Sam Cro (verified owner)

    I watched Karl’s (In Range TV) video on this optic and he gave it a positive review. I was aware of this optic and was intrigued.

    I conducted a night time rifle course and one of my students acquired one of these optics. I tried it out at dusk and then at night. I was impressed and ordered one for myself.

    Also, this optics ability to work without batteries is a big plus!

    Awesome piece of gear.

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