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NPZ PO 4x24P (PSO-1) 1000m rangefinder Picatinny rail scope

Genuine and original Russian NPZ PO 4x24P (PSO-1) scope for mounting on Picatinny rail. Features 1000m rangefinder reticle.

  • The exact same scope as supplied to Russian military, now for mounting on Picatinny rail. The only difference is rangefinder (1,5m vs 1,7m on military PSO)
  • Cr-2032 powered illumintion
  • 4x magnification
  • Very clear optics
  • Milspec indestructible construction
  • FOW – 6 degrees
  • Eye releif – 68mm


Legendary and very well known scope made by NPZ. Military grade optics for fair price. Now for Picatinny rail.

Additional information

Weight 1.01 g


3 reviews for NPZ PO 4x24P (PSO-1) 1000m rangefinder Picatinny rail scope

  1. Thomas Bosma (verified owner)

    A good scope at a great price. I was worried the picatinny attachment would be cheap, however it appears well made as well. It came with a rubber eyepiece, adjustment tool, cleaning cloth, instruction booklet, and camo hood for storage.

  2. dmozz07 (verified owner)

    I have the Belomo side-mounted version of this, and I’ve always enjoyed the reticle and overall aesthetic so I figured I’d take a shot on the NPZ version. I’m happy to report this optic is just as good, if not better than its Belorussian counterpart. The glass is noticeably more clear, with no warm or cold tint whatsoever – overall clarity and light transmission is excellent (especially for the price). I haven’t measured eye relief just yet, but it appears to be right around 3″ and is fairly forgiving. The QD mounts are easy to adjust for different spec rail widths and clamp down solidly without marring the finish.

    I currently have this sitting atop a Mini Fix by Q, since it kinda looks like a bolt action Vintorez anyway. I love the way it looks and feels, even though it isn’t an LPVO. Also, Ivan was great about shipping as always – it just took awhile to clear customs (ordered 25 Jan received 24 Mar). Don’t be afraid to order from these fine folks, just know that it might take some time if you live in the U.S.

  3. Bird (verified owner)

    Came in a brand new retail box with a manual (no English anywhere but that’s cool so I don’t care), adjustment tool, cover, and optional rubber eyepiece. With a standard, easy to install CR-2032 “CMOS” battery, you can turn on reticle illumination which ranges in clicks of 0 – 12 for brightness level. The illuminated reticle color is red.

    Very clear glass and solid construction overall. The claw mounts are also pretty easy to adjust and only take a few minutes to get right for your rails. Vertical and horizontal adjustments are also made with clicky knobs with small increments for fine adjustment.

    It’s a legit, iconic PSO-1 from Novosibirsk! (And it fits on ubiquitous rail systems!) I would have expected to be able to find these for maybe a little more than twice this price at the lowest, but I guess buying straight from a Russian business helps.

    Super cool old-fashioned military scope (my favorite in terms of coolness), and the store page didn’t even mention all the stuff that came with mine. Definitely recommend, maybe unless you’re a total snob that thinks he can even substantiate the claim that he needs something fancier, haha

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