Zenitco titanium set of beverage chilling bullets “Thinker”


Zenitco Thinker premium titanium set of beverage chilling bullets. Everything is machined from a single brick of material on Zenitco factory.

  • Five Ti 9×19 dummy bullets
  • One 40ml Ti glass
  • Aluminum stand for bullets
  • Alluminum case

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Zenitco premium Titanium made set of beverage chilling bullets.

User manual:

  1. Invite guests;
  2. Put bullet models in the freezer;
  3. Set the table;
  4. Get the bullets out of the freezer and load into a glass;
  5. Pour the drink;
  6. Make a toast long enough to give time for beverage to cool down;
  7. Drink, avoiding swallowing bullets;
  8. Repeat according to the instructions from paragraph 2 of paragraph 8.

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