ZenitCo B-30U Classic AK handguard

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Newest Zenitco B-30U long AK handguard. Lighter version of classic B-30 rail (weight is 197g). Side rails (B-2, B-2U or B-2N) or Basis direct attachment accessories are optional and can be purchased separately.

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This is for the brand new Russian made genuine AK Zenit long lower rail handguard.  Weight is 197 g. It is fully CNC machined from the single brick of D16T aluminum alloy (aluminum+magnium+copper).

Side rails (B-2 or B-2U) are optional and can be purchased separately.

Will fit AK 103, 104, 105, 74C, 74M, AKM, AKMS, Vepr .308, Saiga-Mk and similar rifles. Allows to use Picatinny accessories on your AK.  Allows to use ZenitCo B-31 or B-31C upper rails on it.

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