Armacon universal Knopka AK charging handle cap

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Armacon made charging handle cap makes reloading of your AK more comfortable.

  • Super lightweight
  • Will fit all major AK
  • CNC machined aluminum
  • Use of blue threadlocker is recommended

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Russian made Armacon Knopka cap. Cheaper alternitive to Zenitco RP-1.Β  No gunsmith or modification required. Will fit all major AKs. Use of blue threadlocker is recommended.


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4 reviews for Armacon universal Knopka AK charging handle cap

  1. Kenneth Chang (verified owner)

    The extension handle is internally machined to fit one way on the charging handle and is held or locked into place with a grub screw -incl. I did have to do some minor machining to provide a flatter surface/greater surface area for the grub screw to bite on to. I find the extensions size and shape quite helpful and comfortable when cranking back on the charging handle. I like the piece and would recommend it as an addition, a nicety or luxury item for your rifle. I purchased this item along with the Armacon pistol grip sling. The parts were well packaged and secured in bubble wrap; arrived without any issues.

  2. Dave (verified owner)

    VERY nice addition to the AK! These feel so much better in the hand than the factory AK charging handle, especially during speed reloads. If you don’t catch the factory AK handle just right It’ll really start chewing up your hand. This also offers much more grip if your hands are wet or sweaty. VERY easy to install. I removed the locking screw and wiped it down with alcohol to remove any oils or solvents, gave it a dab of blue loctite, started it into the handle, slipped the handle over the charging handle and tightened the screw. My only complaint is that they knurling isn’t cut very deep so it’s not as grippy as some other handles I’ve seen.

  3. Robert Hutto (verified owner)

    I’m digging it , works as described !

  4. Darren (verified owner)

    Easy installation, makes the AK actually feel ergonomic

    For 15 bucks would recommend

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