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ZenitCo parts compatibility

ZenitCo parts compatibility

As an official ZenitCo dealer, we’ll provide basic compatibility information for our customers.

The heart of ZenitCo tuning is the lower handguard. Basic AK handguards are:

Any of these are compatible with STAMPED AK receivers (Izhmash, Arsenal, Tantal). Fitting milled receiver is possible, but will require filing handguard. When you file down handguards, you should check if the fit is tight. Handguard should fit VERY tight, otherwise you can get wobbles after a few hundreds shots.

All handguards are Ultimak and Troy gas tubes compatible.

Basic out of the box compatible models:

Converted Saiga (all calibers), Vepr-FM and RPK (B-20U and B-20L only), AK-74, AK-47 (stapmed), AKM (stamped), AK-105, AK-103, WASR10, Arsenal SLR 104,106,107, Tantal, Vityaz and KP-9 (B-21M and 21U), all Krinks with stamped receiver (B-11M and 11U).

Models that will require mods:

All milled receiver AKs (SAM7, CA C39V2 etc.), all Yugo rifles (Zastava M70, N-PAP, etc.), all Norinco rifles, AKs with Hungarian trunnion (AMD, RAS47).

Gen.2 B-20u and B-20L will fit Vepr-12.

Handguards will fit airsoft AEGs made by VFC, Dboys, Cyma. LCT will require modifications. B-33 will not fit LCT AEGs.

U series handguards have only one lower rail. Side rails can be added using B-2 and B-2U parts. Screws are prodived.

When you get a handguard, you can add gas tube cover. ZenitCo gas tube covers replace standard one and are fixed to lower handguards.

B-10M, B-10U, B-10L, B-11, B-11U, B-21M, B-21U, B-20U, B-30, B-30U can take:

B-30 and B-30U can take:

B-31, B-31N and B-31S will fit all AKs with B-30, but for shorter barrel builds (e.g. AK-105) B-31S or B-31N should be preferred. On short barrel builds you’ll have to remove B-31 rail for cleaning your rifle. B-31S can stay in place.

B-10L, B-10U, B-10M and B-20U can take DL-1 Sport extender together with B-31N low profile gas tube cover, or DL-2 Sport extender with B-31LV upper rail.

B-21L can take B-19, B-19N or DL-2 extender with B-31LV or B-31LN long upper rails (for long barrel KR-9).

If you don’t want to replace standard gas tube cover, but still need upper rail, there are options:

Also, when you have handguard installed, you can add B-33 receiver cover for your AK. It replaces standard cover. B-33 is compatible with B-10M, B-10U, B-30 and B-30U handguards. B-33 is rock solid, holds zero after multiple openings.

There are also ZenitCo side mouns:

B-13 mount is compatible with all AKs with side mount. It can be adjusted to fit any AK type side mount with no wobble.

B-13N mount is compatible with any pre-1989 SVD Dragunov or Tigr rifle.

ZenitCo also produces buttstocks. There are three types of them:

Stocks can be equipped with various locks:

  • AK type 5.5mm trunnion lock.
  • AKS-74U and Arsenal type 4.5mm trunnion lock.
  • Saiga type 5.5mm trunnion lock with trigger blocking mechanism.
  • AKM fixed stock lock. PT-1 won’t fold with it. If you need folding stock for fixed stock trunnion, consider PT-5.

All locks fit PT-1 and PT-3, except for AKM fixed stock one. It fits only PT-1.

ZenitCo produces several types of muzzle brakes:

Extreme spread for different muzzle brakes is (100 meters, standing, 20 shots, in centimeters):

  • AK-74 standard muzzle brake – 19×25
  • DTK-1 – 17×24
  • DTK-2 – 14×20
  • DTK-3 – 16×13
  • DTK-4 – 12×8

There are also Putnik (DTK-4) series suppressors, but they are limited for government and LE purchases only.

ZenitCo produces two types of extended charging handle knobs:

We measured B-10M and B-20U for you. B-30, B-10U have the same dimensions as B-10M.

Here are some photo examples of how parts can be combined:

B-10M with B-19N

B-10M with B-19 and B-33

B-10U with B-19 and B-22

B-30 with B-31

To see all ZenitCo parts we have in stock click HERE!

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